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Communicating the value of Japanese chemicals to users around the world

To convey the value of Japanese chemicals to users around the world

・ The competitiveness of the Japanese chemical industry is declining ・ It is not just about the price ・ I want to convey the attractiveness and characteristics of Japanese chemicals ・ For that purpose, it is necessary to know the issues and needs of users ・The first step is to get the problem shared.
・ For that reason, it is important to be in a place where you can connect at any time. ・ There are many end users who want to talk directly to manufacturers who really manufacture chemicals. ・ Maximize marketing efficiency.

What you can do with BuyChem Japan

There are three main things that can be achieved on the platform.

We will introduce each of them on slides, so please check them out.

  1. marketing

  2. Business process flow

  3. International Logistics / Overseas Customer Credit Management


How do I list my products on BuyChem Japan?

The flow of creating a product page (Shopfront) is as follows.

  1. Send an inquiry

  2. Select the product you want to promote overseas
  3. Extract the strengths you want to send overseas (change text)

  4. Create Stopfront with BuyChem Japan staff

  5. Marketing activities by BuyChem Japan

How can I carry out existing export operations at BuyChem Japan?

The flow of doing business with customers at BuyChem Japan is as follows.

  1. Contact BuyChem Japan for chemical products to be exported by inquiry

  2. Set up the product at BuyChem Japan

  3. Buyer inquires about the product via BuyChem Japan

  4. BuyChem Japan will be in charge of international logistics and settlement after quoting, price negotiation and formal contract

How is it different from your company's homepage?

The purpose of the corporate site is to provide information about the entire company and let you know what kind of company it is. It can be connected to the branding of the entire company. The purpose of the service site is to introduce the product in detail and connect it to inquiries from potential customers. Although there are inquiries from the corporate website, BuyChem Japan can further increase the number of inquiries from overseas end users by introducing the features and strengths of products that cannot be explained on the corporate website from an appropriate perspective.

Do I need a system registration fee or usage fee?

there is no need. The purpose of BuyChemJapan is to digitize overseas businesses that were previously conducted by trading company persons. We are promoting the digitization of the work of trading companies, such as searching for potential customers on our own network, communicating product features to potential customers, conducting smooth business transactions with overseas customers, conducting international logistics and credit management, and providing information. .. There are no registration fees or other costs until the business is established and the product is shipped as before. At the beginning of the service, we will set 5% of the selling price as the usage fee for matching system, business communication tool, SFA / CRM tool, etc. and the distribution and settlement agency fee, but we will make efforts to gradually reduce the rate.

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