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Do You Want to Play a Role in History?

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* On the Rikunabi recruitment page, the company name is that of a group company.

Although it is Daishin Co., Ltd., it is an application guideline for BuyChem Japan.

Why Should I Want to Work at BuyChemJapan?

1. Connecting Japan with the Rest of the World

Our company, which handles the import and export of chemicals and rare metals, provides items to a wide range of fields, from various raw materials to high-performance products, and helps to enrich the world by fulfilling a diverse array of needs. We will continue to increase the exchange of information, services, goods and people between Japan and other countries, and achieve our mission of "deepening the mutual understanding between Japan and the rest of the world."

2. Create the Chemical Industry’s First Marketplace

We started as a traditional trading company specializing in chemicals, but in the future, we are trying to shift toward being a trading company who does business via a system of "data utilization by digitization". Most B2B marketplaces are based on a B2C/EC site mechanism, but we have developed a marketplace based on a face-to-face communication axis necessary for truly successful B2B business. The purpose of this marketplace is to improve the development and competitiveness of Japanese export manufacturers and to increase the number of global human resources in Japan. Through consistently evolving our service, we aim to become an IPO in 2026 and revenue streams  of JPY1 trillion by 2034.

3. Create a New Type of Organization - the NPBO (NPO Co., Ltd.)

We recognize that the mechanisms of "capitalism" and "stock companies" that have contributed significantly to the development of the world over the last 500 years are beginning to cause metal fatigue. "NPOs", however, are also not perfect as they have an inherent structural defect in the form of financial difficulties.  Limited companies rely on cash flow generate by business to solve issues, whereas non-profits rely on donations. We aim to establish a third, more efficient, method with our proposal of a new form of hybrid-organization called the NPBO, or Non-Profit Business Organization. We aim to expand the both the quantity and quality of activities undertaken by corporations and foundations and become the first successful model for an NPBO; we will then spread this model worldwide.

4. We are a Start-Up Company

Our challenge is still in its infancy. We will use IT to launch new services, innovate in the industry, and realize our goals. If you are interested in creating something from nothing, please consider applying. Let's work together to create something that will be handed down to future generations.

The Kind of People We Want at BuyChemJapan

1. People who Sympathize with our Mission and Vision

Our mission and vision are the underlying base to everything we do. They are the key factor in ensuring quality and consistency in daily work, and also greatly affect the speed of decision making. Believing in and thoroughly implementing them is the way to achieve our goals in the most efficient way possible.

2. Those who Want to Build the Future with Their Own Hands

We welcome anyone who would find it exciting to work in a team creating the framework of a new kind of company, rather than simply carrying on the status quo, and who wants to enjoy creating that growth alongside those with the same drive and beliefs. Together we can create a team who can be truly excited about what they are creating.

Past Entrance Ceremony Speeches

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