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Here, we will introduce the original experience that led to the launch of the BCJ Group.



Increase communication between Japan and the world with technology

Scene01 Is Japan the most closed country in the world?

December 1995. The representative, Oguchi, enjoyed the cool summer vacation on the island near the South Pole while teaching Japanese to the locals on Tasmania, Australia. Emily (a pseudonym) who had lived in Tokyo was also one of the applicants for the newspaper advertisement "I will teach you Japanese". For Emily from Tasmania, life in Tokyo seemed exciting and liked, but she didn't feel accepted by Japanese society. It seems that I often felt alienated in Japan, and whenever I drank beer, I repeatedly said, "Japan is the most closed country in the world."

Challenge: Not accustomed to interacting with foreigners

Now I understand what Emily was saying. Japanese people have a habit of treating foreigners specially, which makes them feel that they cannot be included in the Japanese group. In addition, the existence of a place based on nonverbal communication peculiar to Japan also contributes to the difficulty of foreigners entering the Japanese community. If you turn over the appearance of foreigners who cannot blend in with Japan, it will lead to the appearance of business people who are solidified with Japanese people overseas without interacting with foreigners.

BuyChemJapan Initiatives: Providing a platform to increase dialogue between Japanese manufacturers and overseas customers

BuyChemJapan uses the latest technology to develop and provide a platform that promotes smooth direct dialogue between Japanese manufacturers and overseas customers.



Deepen mutual understanding between the world and Japan and shorten the distance

Scene02 We talked about our thoughts with foreigners and understood the background and perspectives.

On a Tasmanian night, I often talked to my flatmate Jack (a pseudonym) while watching a cricket match with a beer. Jack was a typical Australian who was lovable and always joking, but one day he drank a little too much and talked about his thoughts on the Japanese air raid on Darwin during World War II. Having been told many times about my grandmother, who lost her home twice in an air raid by the U.S. military, I heard from a different perspective on the same war and realized that history is not one. Did. With beer as a catalyst on this day, Jack and I have definitely gained mutual understanding, and the distance between them has become closer.

Challenge: I can't understand well with foreigners

Japanese people, who have the saying that "silence is money" and whose virtue is to be humble, tend to be weak in disseminating information overseas. Foreigners do not always understand what Japanese people can understand even if they are silent. If you do not disseminate information, not only will you not be understood by the other person, but you will eventually lose the opportunity to deeply understand the other person.

BuyChemJapan Initiatives: Providing a mechanism for Japanese manufacturers to easily grasp the needs of overseas customers

The BuyChemJapan platform provides a transparent business structure that allows Japanese manufacturers to directly receive the needs and issues of overseas customers and fully discuss them.


Direct communication

The price is also open

Scene03 The good old days when we were able to work with the world with the product power of the manufacturer

After returning from Australia, I got a sales job at a chemical trading company that connects Japanese manufacturers and overseas customers. In the past, even an inexperienced young trading company man could do business thanks to the product power of a Japanese manufacturer if he had a little charm. It's an interesting job that buyers all over the world rely on, and when I negotiate with various overseas customers on a daily basis, I was able to feel the daily market trends. I also learned the values and business trends of each country. However, I feel that the relative presence of Japan is gradually declining these days.

Challenge: Increase competitiveness other than Japanese manufacturing

Japan has traditionally had a reputation for productivity at manufacturing sites, and once dominated the world market with its overwhelming product power. It was an era when "If you make good things, you can sell them." However, the era in which "only Japan can make good products" is coming to an end, following the follow-up of manufacturers in other countries. From now on, we are in an era where we will compete not only in manufacturing but also in comprehensive strategies that include marketing.

BuyChemJapan Initiatives: Providing a mechanism that makes it easy to have an overseas customer perspective

The BuyChemJapan platform provides a mechanism that enables efficient processing by touching a lot of primary information from overseas customers without passing through filters such as trading companies.


Fostering global human resources

Cross-cultural ability and strategic thinking ability

Scene04 Analog Chemicals Business

Each employee had the know-how necessary as a trading company person as tacit knowledge. I didn't have a lot of teaching materials and data, so I went to ask my boss and seniors whenever I had any questions. I often learned while doing a lot on my way home from work. Tacit knowledge has been fairly articulated, but analog business practices such as face-to-face meetings, telephone negotiations, personal connections, sales through distributors, product catalogs, and working in Excel haven't changed much.

Challenge: Conservative constitution of the chemical industry

The chemical industry is generally conservative and cautious, as it handles dangerous goods that can be used as raw materials for chemical weapons and narcotics. There is a culture that values face-to-face sales, and digitization has been delayed. Promoting digitalization to meet the needs of the industry is a challenge for the industry as a whole.

BuyChemJapan's Initiative: Providing a Digitization Mechanism Suitable for the Chemical Industry

The BuyChemJapan platform provides a system for Japanese manufacturers to advance digitalization in line with industry customs in order to reach the world.

BuyChemJapan Timeline


The future of BuyChem Japan

@ ① Many kinds of street escape options

@ If you want to escape from the homeless state, we aim to be able to provide various types of support menus according to the person's special skills and personality. We believe that the more diverse the variety and the more flexible the support system, the more people can meet the needs.

@ ② "If you have a problem, over there!"

@ When that likely to be homeless, people who do not know where should I rely reality is that many. Therefore, in order to spread the recognition that "if you have a problem, you can do something about it", and even if you come to the consultation without a sentence, prepare a room where you can live with peace of mind from that day, and slowly, that person. We will operate accommodation facilities so that you can escape from distress at your own pace.

@ ③ No one dies on the street.

@ Will people die on the streets of Japan? You might think that, but in the worst case in Osaka city, there were reports that more than 200 people died from freezing or starvation every year. In addition, there are still attacks. At Homedoor, we aim to spread the right awareness of the homeless problem and prevent attacks. Also, if you want to escape from the street, we will do our best to support you so that you can escape.

@ We also support

Speedy Co., Ltd. President

Atsushi Fukuda

Mr. Kawaguchi is a treasure trove of quotes.

We help NPO branding through design and creation.
When I first met Mr. Kawaguchi, there were a tremendous number of support menus and jobs available.
When asked, "Isn't it difficult to understand because there are too many menus?", Mr. Kawaguchi was shocked when he answered "It is important for anyone in any position to have a lot of freedom of choice."
The relationship that started from such a kick has now extended to the development of delivery service applications.
"Because I knew it, I have a responsibility as I knew it." Mr. Kawaguchi is truly a treasure trove of wise sayings.

President of AXA Life Insurance Company

Seiji Anbuchi

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Companies and organizations that support @BuyChemJapan


Assist One Co., Ltd., Osaka Tokyu REI Hotel, Google Co., Ltd., Granato Co., Ltd., Nippon Post Co., Ltd. (2018 New Year's donation distribution business), Forsix Co., Ltd., Panasonic NPO / NGO Support Fund for SDGs, Certified NPO corporation Fu -Dobank Osaka, Certified NPO Food Bank Kansai, Independent Administrative Institution Welfare Medical Organization, NPO Free Help, NPO HEALTH SUPPORT HINATA, NPO Second Business Card, Livegate Co., Ltd., Rayline Real Estate Co., Ltd., Stocks Company Rocky Home, Yahoo Japan Corporation (titles omitted, in alphabetical order) * Excerpt from the 2018 annual report

@ For those who are thinking of donating

@ Once you're homeless, it's almost impossible to escape on the road on your own.

Therefore, Homedoor provides support for escape on the street for an average of about 80,000 yen per person .

Become a supporter who supports independence (a donation member who makes a fixed amount of donations every month)!

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