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To reduce the distance between Japan and the world


What is BuyChem Japan

Our mission is to "deepen mutual understanding between Japan and the world and shorten the sensory distance".
We are developing a B2B platform service that allows Japanese chemical manufacturers and buyers around the world to communicate directly and do business.

As you all know, there are many inefficient and closed practices in the Japanese chemical industry. As a result, Japan is losing its international competitiveness. We want to get rid of that legacy with the platform services we provide.

By increasing the amount of communication between Japan and the world through technology, we will improve the competitiveness of Japanese chemicals and develop global human resources. We have prepared contents to let you know BuyChem Japan in more detail. Please check it out.

What is the BuyChem Japan platform?

With the BuyChem Japan platform, you can make direct transactions with overseas users and obtain the primary information you need.
At the same time, we can promote the digitization of business processes and the utilization of data.


Four values that BuyChem Japan provides to manufacturers

Access from customers

Marketing activities

Access to customers

Business chat


Separation of dialogue and trade


Functions for inexperienced people


Marketing strategy

Overseas customer perspective



Human resources development




Cost reduction

Participate as a manufacturer

Would you like to try a platform that will streamline your work and help new buyers find it?

Please check the page that explains the service in more detail for manufacturers.

Join the members of BuyChem Japan

We have a clear and correct mission and vision, and are working to create new services that are not yet available.

Are you interested? Then go to the recruitment page to find out more about us.

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