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Why BCJ was born

■ "Deepening mutual understanding between Japan and the world and shortening the distance"
This is what we have as a mission.
The reason for this was my experience as CEO, when I was in a large university and at a chemical trading company where I got a job after that.

When I was in college, an Australian friend told me that "Japan is the most closed country in the world", but after joining a chemical trading company, I realized that "closed customs" exist deeply.
That bad practice continues to this day and has surfaced with the following challenges:

[Chemical industry challenges]

  • Good for a cautious and conservative culture

  • Highly specialized and few new entrants make it difficult for changes to occur

  • Personal analog trading is the mainstream, inefficient, and low reproducibility

Doesn't everyone in the industry feel this way?

In order to solve these problems, we, as a trading company, had to launch the BCJ platform ourselves.

■ Increase direct communication between Japan and the world
To solve the above-mentioned problems, we must first change the “inefficient commonplace” of the industry.

[Current trading company transaction diagram]
・ Relationship between trading company, buyer, and manufacturer

[Figure of new transaction flow on BCJ platform]
・ Tripartite relationship on the platform

Although it is an unprecedented commercial distribution, many benefits can be expected by direct communication between manufacturers and buyers.


  • Increases the speed and quality of buyer problem solving

  • Manufacturers can directly touch buyer needs and utilize them in marketing / development strategies

  • Efficient as a place for centralized management of multiple transaction processes and sharing of know-how

■ Building a business model that simultaneously meets our thoughts and the needs of manufacturers and users
The service site is still under construction, but preparations for launching the BCJ platform are steadily progressing.
You can see more detailed platform features on the page below.
In order to become a platform where the three parties can enjoy the benefits, it is indispensable to have a manufacturer who can support it.
If you think "I want to improve the industry" or "I want to hear more detailed explanations", please contact us using the form.

If you haven't seen our mission vision yet, please check here.

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