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Development Team Manager / Engineer Recruitment Guidelines

1. Development Team Manager

[Job Description]

  • Project management

  • System building

  • Understanding/On-site sharing of Management Policy

  • Formulation of Strategies

  • Member Education

  • Goal Setting and Personnel Evaluation

  • Quality Assurance Planning

  • Forecast Management

[Business details]

  • Design, develop and operate an online marketplace and trade-related business systems (sales support, customer management, logistics management, trade and transactions).

  • Work not only as a project manager but also take an active part in on-site work.

  • Assist in the design of a wide range of systems, such as core and information systems.

[Experience and Professional Growth Opportunities]

1. Experience Changing the Game

 We are the first major trading company to develop and operate an online B2B platform, something which we aim to make an industry standard. As a core member of a large project team that is changing the business customs of an entire industry, and improving a whole country’s competitiveness, you will be creating technology that will contribute to the development of society.


2. Planning Skills

As this project requires the conversion of large trading company business frameworks, it will require precision planning and a huge amount of trial and error.


3. Technical Ability in Engineering

You will acquire significant technology skills through the constant use of the latest technological trends.


4. An Entrepreneurial Mindset 

Working for a start-up means there is significant opportunity for growth into executive and officer positions in the future. Stock options and employee stock ownership will also be put in place, so your efforts will be properly compensated.


[Working Conditions]

Working Hours: Flexible (Core Hours 10.00 – 15.00)

Location: Kita-Ku, Osaka (1 minute by foot from Nakatsu Station on the Subway Midosuji Line)

Holidays:  National Holidays / Weekends / Summer Holidays / Birthday / Year-end and New Years Holidays (125 days a year approx.)

Salary: Negotiable

Salary Increase/Bonus:  Annual Increase (April) / Annual Bonus (March)

Insurances: Health Insurance, Welfare Pension, Worker’s Accident Compensation Insurance, Employment Insurance

Welfare: Incentive system, employee stockholding association system (planned), transportation expenses, notebook PC loan, retirement allowance system, qualification allowance.

Measure Against Second Hand Smoke: No indoor smoking.




  • 3+ years experience in proactively implementing defined requirements, basic design, and DB logical design

  • 3+ years experience as a Systems development team leader

  • 1+ years experience as a Systems development project manager

  • Experience building a web application server system architect in Python.

  • Negotiation and management ability

  • Experience in the following programmes:

  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, AWS, GitHub, Docker, RDB (MySQL, Maria DB, etc.) and NoSQL (Dynamo DB, Redis DB, etc.)

Professional Skills

  • Experience in creating web communication tools

  • Experience in a management position in a start-up/business growth.

  • Experience in constructing a platform from scratch.

Personal Qualities

  • The desire to take on a significant challenge

  • A strong belief in the group mission

  • The skill to match the system development strategy with your own initiative

  • The ability to take management messages and communicate them in your own word

  • The bravery to undertake a bold challenge and learn from you mistakes

  • The mindset to think for yourself as well as for a team, and take your own initiative to achieve success.

  • The attitude to work hard with the company ownership to achieve your best

[Career plan]

There is the opportunity for promotion to an Officer role in the near future.



  • 短大/専門/高専/大学/大学院 卒業見込みの方
     短大/専門/高専/大学/大学院 卒業の方



  • 備考:資格手当、守秘義務手当


  • 年1回(4月)


  • 年1回(3月)










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