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Function 1   Immediate Connections


Make Connections with Many Japanese Manufacturers

Direct Access to Relevant Information

When end-users and manufacturers can communicate directly about any needs or issues, it ensures a higher level of communication. BuyChemJapan marketplace offers a different perspective to that found on a manufacturer’s corporate website, creating opportunities for overseas customers to easily find the information they desire.

Manufacturer Offers

By just sharing your purchasing chemical list and issue lists, you can expect offers from trusted manufacturers who have been officially vetted by and registered with BuyChemJapan. (Currently in Planning Stage)

Product Request Service

If you would like to purchase a product from a Japanese manufacturer that is not currently registered with BuyChemJapan, you can request registration of that product from the Contact Us Page.

Business Chat

On BuyChemJapan Marketplace, communication is done using a dedicated chat tool. This has the following advantages over traditional email:

■ High-Level Information Security

Unlike e-mail, interaction is limited to a fixed individual, so information will not be sent to an unintended recipient due to human error.


■ Ease of Communication

Compared to email, the chat function does not require fixed phrasing, so the psychological hurdles for sending messages are low, making it a suitably speedy method of two-way information sharing.


■ Ease of Sharing Information

Since a chat room can be easily shared between business partner, content can be easily upscaled to a successor and reported / shared with management.

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