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Function 2   Direct Dialogue


Improve the Quality of Business Communication

Direct communication means a buyer can be comfortable they are receiving the correct price from the manufacturer. All information from the manufacturer is based onto figures automatically generated by, removing human error and ensuring that all calculations are made based upon up-to-date information. This information is formulated using a broad variety of data based on factors such as quantity, destination, cargo details, etc., to ensure all parties can be happy and satisfied with the deal being agreed.

Functions to Aid Beginners

  • Each step of the purchase flow, from making a Request for Quotation (RFQ) to concluding contracts and receiving shipments, is visualized in an easy-to-understand manner, with past steps easily accessible. Even personnel with no experience of buying from Japan can follow the procedure.

  • Since all manufacturers and buyers have agreed to the same terms for use, the possibility of legal trouble in regards to the agreed contract is minimized.

  • Evaluations of manufacturers by their past transactions helps to eliminate untrustworthy businesses. (Currently in planning stage)

Direct Access to Manufacturers

One of the most off-putting aspects for international buyers trying to do business in Japan is the extra time and costs associated with the use of outdated analogue practices and trading companies. provides a direct antidote to this issues through the provision of direct one-on-one contact with the manufacturer themselves. Avoiding the need for a third-party removes negatives such as additional cost and the time-delay of information being relayed, and direct communication can help build trust between buyer and seller, and confidence that any issues (delays, breakages, troubleshooting, etc.) can be solved quickly and easily.

Transparency and Accuracy

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