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Establishment History

Allow Us to Introduce to You the Circumstances
That Led to the Launch of BuyChemJapan


Our Vision

Using Technology to Increase Communication

Between Japan and the Rest of the World.

Scenario 1
Experience: Is Japan the Most Closed Country in the World?

In December 1995, CEO Mr. Oguchi was enjoying a refreshing summer break whilst teaching Japanese to people in Tasmania, Australia.

Emily (not her real name), was someone who had experience living in Tokyo and was a respondent to one of Mr. Oguchi’s teaching advertisements. She was a Tasmanian native and has enjoyed an exciting life in Tokyo, but had never felt truly accepted by locals there.

She had often felt alienated when in Japan and, when relaxed after having had a few drinks, would often state that “Japan was the most closed country in the world.”


Point One - An Australian saw Japanese society as “the most closed society in the world”

Challenge: Japanese are Not Accustomed to Interacting with Foreigners

Japanese people have a habit of treating foreigners as “outsiders” and it makes foreigners feel unable to join Japanese groups. In addition, the reliance on non-verbal communication in Japanese society makes it difficult for foreigners to fully integrate themselves into Japanese communities, and foreigners who cannot fit into Japanese society will have the same base issues as Japanese business people who cannot fit into foreign society.

Our Initiative: Increase Communication Opportunities Between Japan and the Rest of the World

BuyChemJapan Corporation will develop and provide a marketplace that promotes smooth, direct communication between Japanese manufacturers and international buyers by making full use of modern technology.


Our Mission

Deepen Mutual Understanding and Bridge the Gap Between Japan and the Rest of the World.

Scenario 2
Experience: Discussing Thoughts with Non-Japanese and Understanding Their Differing Perspectives.

Whilst in Tasmania, our CEO Mr. Oguchi would often have evening discussions with his flatmate, Jack (not his real name), over a beer whilst watching the cricket.

Jack was a typical Australian, lovable and funny, but when he drank too much, he talked about a Japanese air raid on Darwin during WWII. Having heard stories about how his own grandmother twice lost her own home during US air raids, Mr. Oguchi thought about history from a different perspective. Through drinking, he and Jack gained a definite mutual understanding and grew closer than they had been previously.



Changing your position may change your perspective, but talking will lead to true mutual understanding.

Challenge: The Difficulty in Understanding Foreign Perspectives

Japanese see modesty as a virtue and, as such, share their opinions and personal information less. Non-Japanese cannot always understand the information Japanese try to share through silence. Only through disseminating information can others understand what we mean, and create the chance to deeply understand others.

Our Initiative: Grasp the Needs of Overseas Customers

BuyChemJapan’s marketplace provides and open and transparent business system that allows Japanese manufacturers to directly receive the needs and issues of international buyers and discuss them in full.


White Collar Counter-Attack

Not Only Make High-Quality Products, but Sell Them Wisely

Scenario 3
Experience: Previously, Makers Could Earn an International Presence Purely Through Providing a High-Quality Product.

Upon his return from Australia, our CEO Mr. Oguchi got a job at a chemical sales company that connected Japanese customers to overseas clients. At that time, just a little charm was enough to do a business with those overseas, even if you lacked experience.

It’s an interesting job that buyers the world over rely on, and through daily negotiation, Mr. Oguchi came to understand the market’s trends. He also came to understand the different values and trends of different foreign countries. However, he also felt Japan’s gradual international decline.



Working with people around the world improves overseas sales skills.

Challenge: Increase Japan's Competitiveness in Aspects Other than just Product Quality

Japan has a reputation for high productivity levels, and once dominated the international marketplace. At that point it was said “if you make good products, you can sell them.” However, that era is coming to an end for Japan, as it falls behind the manufacturing processes of other countries. From now, Japan is in an era in which it must not only compete in manufacturing but also in marketing.

Our Initiative: Having an International Perspective

BuyChemJapan Marketplace provides an opportunity for both manufacturers and customers to receive primary information from each other without it passing through filters, such as trading companies, first.




People Concentrate on the Work Only People Can Do

Scenario 4
Experience: The Analog Chemicals Business

In chemical trading companies each employee has the necessary tacit  knowledge to do their job. Mr. Oguchi found that he had no teaching materials to learn from, so would often ask questions of his superiors.

He learned a lot from superiors over after-work drinks. Though some tacit knowledge comes in a written format, analogue business practices, such as face-to-face meetings, telephone negotiations, personal connections, sales through agencies, product catalogues and using Excel, haven’t changed much.



Previously, the Chemical Industry conducted its affairs in a purely analogue environment.

Challenge:  The Conservative Nature of the Chemical Industry

The chemical industry is generally conservative in nature, due to the handling of dangerous raw materials that can be used for illegal practices. This has created a culture which relies on face-to-face sales and has delayed necessary digitalization. Promoting this digitalization to meet the needs of the industry is a challenge that must be undertaken by all involved.

Our Initiative: The Digitization of the Chemical Industry

BuyChemJapan’s marketplace will provide a system for Japanese manufacturers and international buyers that advances digitalization in line with industry customs in order to solve the customer’s problem most efficiently.

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