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An Introduction to BuyChemJapan

An Introduction to BuyChemJapan

We offer two kinds of free webinar to tell you everything you need to know about our new marketplace.

E-mail to arrange a One-on-One webinar.

One-On-One Webinars

We also offer one-on-one presentations to interested parties at a time and date of your convenience between 8am and 4pm JST. These personalized sessions can be modified to best suit what approach you want to take to them - be it a walkthrough specifics sections of the site or a more in-depth and focused Q&A session - and have no time limit, meaning you can be assured that you will get everything you need out of them. If you are interested in arranging a one-on-one webinar, please contact; for one-on-one webinars, you can choose the software/method by which the meeting is held.

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