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Buyer Advantages


Direct Communication with

the Right Japanese Chemical Manufacturers for You

Access the Right Japanese Manufacturer for You

Buyers can sometimes find communication with Japanese difficult, due to Japanese - in general - being unaccustomed to direct communication with non-Japanese.  As a result, many fields in Japan require outside support in order to support international business, and the  chemical industry is no exception to this, with trading companies long holding the position of mediator in business between Japanese chemical manufacturers and overseas chemical buyers. 


However, we at BuyChemJapan believe that true value lies in buyers having direct communication with manufacturers, as it allows for more effective identification of business needs and the exploration and sharing of solutions to any potential issues that arise during business.  Whilst the industry has previously relied upon analogue systems, our comprehensive digital marketplace helps simplify communication and increase efficiency and transparency for all involved. This bespoke marketplace, developed and operated by BuyChemJapan, gives overseas chemical buyers easy access to the right Japanese manufacturers and introduce digitization to the chemical industry.

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