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April 2013             Opened an industrial chemical inquiry site as a marketplace prototype.

March 2019           Established BuyChemJapan Corporation

September 2021    Launced the online chemical marketplace

2023年6月 大阪市中央区にオフィス移転


1. Expanding Manufacturer Roster

The number of manufactures looking to be listed on is growing all the time. Our listing process takes time, as we only list truly competitive products on our marketplace so as to make sure that it offers true value to international buyers.

For those who wish to purchase products you have previously purchased from BuyChemJapan, you can make an inquiry via the Buyer Inquiry function on this website.

2. Digital Evolution

The global COVID-19 pandemic has hastened the need for innovation in the use of digital technology, as both customer needs and the technology required to serve them have changed dramatically since early 2020.

We are proceeding with the development of our system in order to ensure that it delivers a service which best matches the requirements of users in the digital age. Our experienced in-house development team is built around agile development and is reworking and improving site functions on a bi-monthly basis.  As a company, we are 100% dedicated to creating and, perhaps more importantly, maintaining a fully optimized digital environment to ensure any issues for international customers can be solved quickly.

3. Upcoming New Features

The ability to share desired products or product issues directly with the manufacturer through will be added to the site in the near future. Currently, buyers can only send inquiries to manufacturers but upon finalization of this feature, buyers will be able to receive product offers and problem-solving information directly from manufacturers.

Other upcoming features include functions to allow the comparison of product qualities, delivery dates, and product costs.

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