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Function 4   Digitalization


Concentrate on the Work that Only People can do


The chemical industry, which still has analog business practices, has room for digitalization and productivity, just like any other industry. By using BuyChemJapan, buyers can promote the following efficiency improvements.

  • Reduced data-entry work

  • Improved work efficiency and accuracy

  • Human error reduction

  • Paperless Systems

  • Prevention of omissions in business processes

  • Business standardization

  • Simplification of business transfer

  • Streamlined data storage and analysis


In the old analog systems, the following can only be done by a seasoned purchase manager: However, with the digital system BuyChemJapan, anyone can clearly manage the following:

  • Access to the right Japanese chemical manufacturers 

  • Direct communication with the right manufacturers

  • Comparison of quality, lead time and price of each supplier

  • Management of internal purchase progress

  • Visualization of purcfhasing status and shipping status

  • Visualization of actual conditions and creditworthiness of potential business partners

Cost Reduction

  • By using BuyChemJapan marketplace, buyers can improve the efficiency of operations, and enjoy benefits such as reduction of communication cost, smooth repeat orders, and easy comparisons of different manufacturers.

  • Buyers can improve efficiency, by reducing the amount of work required for purchasing, reducing labor costs. 

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