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Do I need to pay for system registration or a usage fee?

No, it is entirely free to both sign-up and use BuyChemJapan's marketplace.

How can I convert my existing business to the BuyChemJapan marketplace?
The flow for conducting business with your Japanese supplier via BuyChemJapan is as follows.

  1. Ask your supplier to register the chemical product that you wish to import on BuyChemJapan.

  2. Set the target product on BuyChemJapan.

  3. Make an inquiry about the product to your supplier via BuyChemJapan marketplace.

  4. BuyChemJapan will take care of international logistics and payments after each contract is concluded.

The chemical I was looking for was not listed on BuyChem Japan. Is it impossible to purchase it from you?

Many manufacturers have applied to be listed on BuyChem Japan, and we currently in the process of reviewing them and/or creating their Shopfront page. If you have a product you would like to purchase immediately, please contact us directly at

I noticed that not all the chemicals manufactured by some makers are listed on the BuyChemJapan. Why is this?

BuyChemJapan only lists chemicals that are competitive for and attractive to overseas buyers. Additionally, we only list products that manufacturers manufacture in their own factories.

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