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2017 entrance ceremony greetings

Four keywords "70,000 hours" "low pre" "contribution to humanity" "rationality"

Live your life

First, "70,000 hours". This is the total working hours of a Japanese person's life. On the other hand, assuming 80 years of life, a lifetime is calculated to be about 700,000 hours, and about 1/10 of the total time of your life will be devoted to the activity of "working".
I want everyone to enjoy this 70,000 hours to the fullest.
What do you think is the secret to spending 70,000 hours happily?
I think the first secret is to devote 70,000 hours to living for "ourselves," in other words, for "companies."
Because the time to live for "others" is not fun, but the time to live for "friends" feels fun and fulfilling no matter how busy you are.
We make the operation of the company a guideline such as "mission" and "three happiness (customer happiness, fellow happiness, social happiness)", and general rules such as "rationality" and "freedom and responsibility". We are doing based on. These management guidelines include our determination to work for ourselves and our peers, not for "others."
Have you ever heard of the word singularity? In the future, artificial intelligence will be smarter than humans, and humans may no longer have to work for a living. Even if such an era comes, it is a place where people who want to live a fulfilling and meaningful life, not just sleeping slowly, can help someone or achieve something. We want to continue to be that kind of existence.
In other words, a company called Taishin exists to make and enrich your 70,000 hours. I would like everyone to work for their peers and experience the joy of it.

Meaning of working at our company

The second secret to spending 70,000 hours happily is the second keyword "role-playing" that I would like to convey today. Do you guys play games? Do you know the genre of role-playing games? In my time, the masterpieces such as "Dragon Quest" and "Final Fantasy" are "Role-playing games".
At our company, working is often compared to a game, but I especially imagine a role-playing game in the game.
In the low pre, everyone starts from level 1. After that, as you gain experience and study, your level will gradually increase. The higher your level, the more you can do, and you will be able to overcome various challenges and reach your goals. This process of growth and achievement is the source of the fun of role-playing games. Work is no different in terms of the process of growth and achievement. However, unlike virtual games like Dragon Quest, raising the level of your business is directly linked to your own personal growth, so once you get into it, there is no more fun game. I would like everyone to face the true work with a "role-playing" feeling. For that reason, I really want you to immerse yourself in this "role-playing game". This is because if you are serious about it, you will grow faster, you will be more useful to someone, and you will feel more fulfilled and satisfied. Please take on the challenge of what you find interesting. Seeing everyone taking on various challenges positively, the people around you will surely support you. Then your 70,000 hours should be even more fun.

Introduction of our mission

By the way, in the world of Dragon Quest, the ultimate goal is to defeat the Great Demon King who is the last boss, but our ultimate goal is to help the development of humankind. The third keyword is "contribution to humankind." It may seem that the scale is too large, but companies that live beyond the times are useful to society in some way, and by continuing to be useful to society, we are timeless. I am aiming to survive.
What the company Daishin is trying to do to continue to be useful to society is to eliminate various absurdities that exist in the world.
While some countries in the world are satiated, tens of thousands of people starve to death each day. Also, there are still many conflicts. Many people are still killing each other and spending a great deal of effort to interfere with enemy nations. There are countless other indignations asking "Why is this happening?" In this way, the world is full of absurdities.
As a human being living in the same era, I am very sorry for this situation, and I think it is the duty of all humankind to resolve it. Personally, I wanted to help as much as possible to improve the current situation. However, there is a limit to what one person can do. So when I retired from the company I used to work for, I created an organization to resolve these absurdities. That is Daishin Co., Ltd.
Daishin is making efforts to fill the absurdity of the world through the following three efforts.
First, we aim to create a more prosperous society by closing the output gap through our daily trading company business.
Second, we will develop human resources who will serve as a bridge for mutual understanding between the world and Japan, both inside and outside the company.
Third, while continuously satisfying the two requirements of "customer happiness" and "companion happiness," we will make donations to like-minded NPOs and other partners to reduce the absurdity and conflict that pervades the world. I will try to reduce it.
To summarize what we are doing, "While enjoying our own growth, we aim to realize the happiness of our customers, the happiness of our friends, and the happiness of society, and lead a fulfilling and happy life. ". Our mission system is a systematic summary of this. We hope that you will enjoy the game with us while embodying the mission system.

Rule of rationality

I will tell you about the last keyword "rationality".
As I said at the beginning, rationality is also a basic rule of our company. It may be paraphrased as scientific or logical. We continue to strive to resolve unreasonable things within the company, that is, as soon as we find absurdity. If you find any customs or mechanisms within your company that you find absurd in enjoying the game, please share your suggestions for improvement with your peers immediately. If you look for it with young eyes or new eyes, there are probably many. What was common 20 years ago is now often obsolete. Similarly, there are many cases where common sense now becomes insane 20 years from now.
Please find as many absurdities in the company as possible that are invisible to the eyes of seniors with the sensibility of young people. We promise to have immediate company-wide discussions and work together to improve irrational practices and mechanisms. Doing so increases the chances of achieving three happiness at a higher level. In addition, it's fun to be able to achieve some pure improvement. Please make 70,000 hours even more fulfilling by eliminating our absurdity.

Expectations for everyone

So far, I have introduced a company called Daishin while introducing four keywords.
I hope that you will happily live your time and grow while enjoying the game. First of all, please acquire a lot of basic skills to make your customers happy. According to one theory, it takes about 10,000 hours to acquire the skills called professionals. Calculating with 1729 hours, which is the average annual working hours of Japanese people, it is about 6 years. As the saying goes, "Strike while the iron is hot", it is efficient to concentrate and absorb it while you are young, but don't forget to enjoy your hobbies and romance. From my experience, if you take everything seriously, you should be able to establish a professional foundation by the age of 30. And after that, let's continue to have a strong desire to make our customers happier as a professional, and continue to hone our skills for that purpose.
We will provide plenty of opportunities to hone ourselves from a young age. I hear that if you are a large company, you will spend a lot of time in charge of miscellaneous tasks as a supporter for large projects in your twenties. Of course, we also ask you to do the work you have been given as a member of the team. Adapt to the business world where there is more than one correct answer while doing the chores. On the other hand, we invite you to participate in the work from an early stage, in which you become the main character, identify issues yourself with an eye on your goals, think about solutions, and execute them. There is a world where you can get serious about it.

And in the future, I hope that you will grow into human resources who will lead the company as leaders. Seniors are also trying to grow according to their individuality.
Let's work together for 70,000 hours, growing like a role-playing game, and rationally aiming to contribute to humankind.

We would like to congratulate you on joining the company and give you a welcome greeting.

Daishin Co., Ltd./BuyChem Japan Co., Ltd.
Representative Director Masago Oguchi

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