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A Message from the CEO

We are a trading company who, for many years, has acted as a mediator between Japanese manufacturers and overseas businesses in the chemical industry. Since chemical brokerage is a stable business model, we have been profitable in every business year since our establishment in 2004. However, going forward, we intend to change from acting as a continuation of the established business models of the past and, instead, work on solving industry issues and helping improve the competitiveness of the Japanese chemical industry.


First, there is the Japanese chemical industry's unique communications issue of using trading companies to mediate between manufacturers and overseas customers. However, once, when on a business trip, I saw engineers talking directly to each other and solving problems. It made me wonder; is communication via a trading company the quickest and most optimal method for responding to ever-changing customer needs?


Second, there is the global industry issue of digitization. Currently, analog is the primary method of sale, but finding new ways to survive as a specialized trading company in the digital era is a prerequisite for surviving into the future.


Using the know-how of specialized trading companies and coupling it with the latest technology, it is possible to promote direct communication and digitization between Japanese manufacturers and overseas customers in a way that meets the needs of the industry. With that in mind, we have self-developed our own system, invented a new business model, and created a marketplace that can be continued and expanded efficiently.


In the future, we will continue to update the marketplace so that our salespersons will not be a point of contact but will, instead, work as "digital moles" that directly connect buyers with the right Japanese manufacturer for them. With this vision, we aim for great growth over the medium-to-long term, and we would like to ask all those who desire simply, quicker, and more efficient dealings with the Japanese chemical market place to offer their support and encouragement in our venture.

BuyChemJapan Corporation
CEO Masa Oguchi

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