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Minimize war and poverty

■ Two problems in the world
Let's talk about the direction we are heading.
We at BCJ want to use the time we have been given for something meaningful. The point is what kind of taste should be added to the soup of civilization received from the previous generation and passed on to the next generation. Although humankind has made great improvements in many ways over the past tens of thousands of years of history, it still has major contradictions and absurdities. The biggest problems are war and poverty. We want to help improve those situations, even if only a little.

How do you approach it for realization? First of all, please check the whole picture below.

アートボード 1 のコピー 2.png

■ To minimize the possibility of war
To reduce the possibility of war, it is important to know each other well. To that end, we aim to increase international communication. As a first step, my current mission is to harness the power of technology to increase the amount of communication between my home country of Japan and foreign countries.

■ To improve poverty
Next, in order to improve the problem of poverty, it is necessary to make the world richer and to reduce disparities such as educational disparities.
Efforts to enrich the world include promoting international trade, which is at the core of our current business. International trade has the function of delivering the world's raw materials to places where they can be produced more efficiently, and the function of delivering various products to places where they can be consumed more efficiently, enriching the lives of people around the world. I will. In other words, the more we promote international trade in the future, the more we can help enrich the world compared to being self-sufficient.
As an effort to reduce the disparity, we are proposing a new organizational structure called NPO Co., Ltd. to smoothly solve various problems that exist in the world. This is an organizational model that is a hybrid of a joint-stock company that aims to keep increasing money for shareholders and an NPO that faces social issues but has financial problems. First, we aim to be the first successful model of a corporation-like NPO and show the world that this organizational model works.

BCJ Philosophy and Realized Business Model

If you read our view of the world and are interested in it,
You can see the detailed explanation of BCJ's mission vision and NPBO from the link below. Please check it out.

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